flower parade - Caveau deï Bormani

flower parade

Every year since 1920, Bormes Les Mimosas has hosted its legendary event: the Corso Fleuri. In the heart of the Mediterranean winter, at a time when the mimosas paint the surrounding reliefs yellow, on the third Sunday of February you will be able to see multicolored and flowery floats strolling along the main street of the village.

It is a century-old institution. The Corso Fleuri de Bormes Les Mimosas is an unmissable event in the region. Indeed, since 1920, the Bormians adorn tanks with their most beautiful flowers, competing with each other to be elected “most beautiful tank”.

Inherited from a bourgeois tradition, where Sunday was a sign of “parade” in carriages on the main course of the village (“corso”), the flower parades developed in the first quarter of the 20th century, between the two wars.

Nowadays, the flower carts with the flowers of the hill, pulled by donkeys, have given way to large tanks.

Indeed, each year, volunteer associations participate in their development. For months, the metal structure that will carry the flowers is made. Then the days preceding the date of the Corso, everyone is busy dressing their float with the most beautiful flowers in the region. Indeed, the Var being a recognized flower region, you will find daisies, anemones, gerberas and other carnations on the structures.

In a festive spirit, with brass bands, dancers and musicians between each float, the highlight of the show will be the “Battle of the Flowers”. Indeed, at the end of the parade, a huge throw of flowers will end this magnificent day. Thus, you can leave with eyes filled with magic, and hands overflowing with a huge bouquet of flowers.