Harvesting machine - Caveau deï Bormani

Harvesting machine

Nowadays more and more estates in Provence are converting to the harvesting machine, because of the many advantages it brings over the traditional harvest by hand.

The harvest is an important step at the CAVEAU DEI BORMANI, indeed the efforts of a whole year of work in our vineyard materialize.

It is important to choose the harvest date carefully, to optimize the quality of our future wines, and it is also important to choose the method of harvesting this harvest.

Part of our vines are harvested manually, however we are also increasingly using the harvesting machine, also called the harvester.

The harvesting machine is a mechanical agricultural tool allowing us to harvest our precious grapes.

The principle of the harvesting machine is rather simple, the machine straddles the row of vines, arms vibrate the vines and cause the grapes to fall into a conveyor.

The basic principle is rather simple and yet, since its creation more than 40 years ago, today’s harvesting machines have evolved, they make it possible to optimize the quality of our harvest. The harvesting machine in addition to shaking the vines and harvesting the grape berries, it will blow the harvest to evacuate the leaves, the petioles, small debris; The harvesting machine is also equipped with sorters, making it possible to select the most beautiful berries and reject berries that are too small, not ripe, damaged…

In Provence we are committed to producing quality rosés, and for this we must optimize our vinification. To produce premium rosés it is important to have the coolest possible harvest, the temperature of the harvest has a direct impact on the colors of our rosés, as well as on the aromas that will develop during vinification.

And, this is where the grape harvester is a valuable asset to us. Indeed, the latter allows us to harvest at night when the temperatures are low. It also makes it possible to harvest more quickly and to transport the harvest more quickly to the cellar, this avoids color pick-up or unwanted macerations in the harvest bins.